Current Corporate Finance Events

Corporate Finance Events

People all over the world want to stay updated about what’s happening in other parts of the world and the different people’s interest towards different types of the knowledge is different and the types of news that piques interest are the ones that are ones that are related to their own field. So the people who are involved in the finance and in the corporates will like to know corporate finance current events so they can keep up with the people in their own field and this is a type of the field that demands interest all the time.

Corporate Finance Events -

Following are some of the corporate finance current events that you must know about and should follow up.

Master cad’s new logo

Master cad’s new logo -

Almost after 20 years, the Master card has finally changed their logo. The change in their logo is that this one has a cleaner and smooth view and is written in the lower case letters. The reason for this change was because they are competing with the other such companies like PayPal, Apple pay and Venmo. Including this top credit card company, some other companies like Instagram, Netflix and Facebook have also changed their logo a bit in the past few years.

Yahoo’s earning back on track with 46%

Yahoo’s earning back on track -

The Yahoo’s earing has been increased by 46% and this is all because of the new and the sixth CEO, Marissa Mayer. Yahoo’s earning has been a rose in the second quarter by 46% and now it is once again back I the track. Such rise is said to be because o the new Yahoo’s mobile phone application and this application is known by the name Summly. This application was made by a teenager in London and the company have given $30m for this application and this is the reason why the Yahoo is uprising once again.

Merck’s cyber attack

Merck’s cyber attack -

You must have heard about the cyber-attack on the Merck and Co. this summer and they have experienced the loss of $135 million in the third quarter. This cyber-attack caused the sales and production to shut down and all that cause this huge loss to the company. In ale to fix this loss, the Merck added $175 million in the third quarter too.

Uber has been sued

Uber has been sued -

Uber has been sued for the difference in the pay based on the gender and the race. They are still trying to fend off the accusations of this unfairness in the payment People and the workers have been saying that women suffer from this unfair equity and especially because of their race.

So these were some if the corporate finance current events. There are some of the platforms that will keep you updated about these corporate finance current events. You can also follow this news online on some of the famous and good business newspapers you can register to them too so they will keep you updated about the corporate finance current events. So this was all you should know about it.